【5-Day Immersive Traveling in Dalat Vietnam】a city filled with inspiration and dreams

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Đồi Chè Cầu Đất

Day 1. #dalat #vietnam 🇻🇳

After taking an international flight to Ho Chi Minh Airport (SGN), I transferred to a domestic flight to Dalat Airport (DLI) taking around 1.5 hours to reach there.

☕️Afternoon tea at Quán Đương (a traditional coffee shop)

Quán Đương
Bánh Phục Linh (creamy rice cookie), having it with a cup of hot green tea
Cà Phê Trứng (egg coffee), which is a Vietnamese specialty tasting like black coffee with creamy tiramisu on it

🥗Dinner at Căn hộ số 69 (a local cuisine restaurant)

Căn hộ số 69
Pork salad
Fried pig skin

— — — Daily Diary — — —
It has been over 3.5 years without traveling abroad. When the plane flied up to the sky above clouds, I couldn’t help wondering how incredibly magnificent this world is! Right at the moment, it reminded me of those times I kept exploring in different Asian countries & cities and how I got inspiration & motivation when discovering new things.

Thanks for the sparks and people around me in my life journey! Working to be a warmhearted, confident, and diligent girl.

Day 2. #dalat #vietnam 🇻🇳

⛲️Morning stroll along Hồ Xuân Hương (lakeside) with breakfast and coffee

Cà Phê Muối (salty cream latte)
Bánh Mì (vietnamese bread)
Cà phê hẻm? (want some coffee)
There are numerous coffee stands along the lakeside.
People enjoy taking a stroll and grabbing a coffee here.

👚Shopping for vintage clothes at Wasabi Vintage

Wasabi Vintage


Nem Nướng (rice roll)
Nem Nướng (rice roll)


Kem Bơ (avocado ice cream)

🦀️Dinner at Lẩu Ghẹ Kim Chi (a seafood hot pot restaurant)

Lẩu Ghẹ Kim Chi

— — — Daily Diary — — —
As getting out of the familiar hometown and stepping out of the comfort zone, I’ve found myself with true enlightenment.

Getting along with my dear Vietnamese friends this time, we had so much to chat and share about. Points of view on several topics including personal life and social issues.

Moreover, I enjoy everything of Dalat. Such a beautiful city with romantic atmosphere which flowers & trees are everywhere, French architecture which I am totally impressed by, delicious traditional cuisine & Vietnamese coffee, lovely people, slow-paced & laid-back lifestyle, spectacular natural landscape, and so on.

Day 3. #dalat #vietnam 🇻🇳

🌄Watching the sunrise at Đồi Chè Cầu Đất (highlands) and grabbing some coffee at Milano Coffee

Đồi Chè Cầu Đất
Đồi Chè Cầu Đất
Đồi Chè Cầu Đất
Đồi Chè Cầu Đất
Đồi Chè Cầu Đất

💆🏻‍♀️Having a refreshing moment of hair wash + spa + massage at Ma Maison with extremely good value for money

Ma Maison

🫘Buying some coffee packages and coffee beans at Là Việt, which is one of the most reputable coffee brands in Vietnam

Là Việt

— — — Daily Diary — — —
Dalat is a city filled with inspiration and dreams. Some people come here for homestay as a freelancer pursuing goals that close to their essence of heart, which moves me profoundly.

When freeing oneself from the tensely competitive job in metropolis and getting rid of the business card within a great title, can we still feel confident enough of ourselves and passionate towards life?

As everything changes after the pandemic, opportunities pop out in an utterly different way. Social platforms, OMO systems, and AI technology are challenging our learning flexibility and sensitivity to trends.

A professor once said, “in the modern world with digitalisation, people who don’t optimise or set up a virtual position online lose the influence somehow.“

Day 4. #dalat #vietnam 🇻🇳


Having Bún Bò Huế (rice noodles) as breakfast
Coffee time at The Lake House with a cottagecore lifestyle


Walking around Chợ Đêm Đà Lạt (a night market)

— — — Daily Diary — — —
You can easily fall for a beautiful face, but you deeply fall in love with a beautiful soul.

We discussed the tattoo culture in Vietnam cause the tattoos my Vietnamese friends have are so impressive and meaningful. It’s quite common for Vietnamese have tattoos not only young generation but elders. Rather than an art, better to be a faith to keep reminding oneself or a significant word to one’s life events.

Day 5. #dalat #vietnam 🇻🇳


Having Bánh Căn (fried pancake) as breakfast at Bánh căn Ngọc
Having Bánh Căn (fried pancake) as breakfast at Bánh căn Ngọc
Coffee time at Sitooterie (a modern cafe)
Coffee time at Sitooterie (a modern cafe)

🫖Afternoon tea

Morning In Town (a French-style cafe)
Morning In Town (a French-style cafe)

🍲Dinner at Lẩu Bún Bò Giáo Sĩ (a beef hot pot restaurant)

🚎Taking a 5-hour sleeping bus tour from Dalat to Ho Chi Minh City

sleeping bus
sleeping bus

— — — Daily Diary — — —
A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Working hard and playing hard to become a girl full of stories & passion to influence others.

Thank you my dear friends so much for preparing everything and taking care of me during the stay in Dalat. I enjoy and treasure every single moment we had spent together. Looking forward to our next journey in other cities soon!

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