【5 Tips for Festival Marketing】Bring into immersive atmosphere to cold winter of physical retail

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Leofoo Village, Hsinchu, Taiwan: Halloween Costume Party

A while ago, I went to Leofoo Village, Hsinchu, Taiwan to participate in an annual event: 👻Halloween Costume Party! Dressed as Cruella, my dark purple eyeshadow was drawn to outer space, and it was probably the first time that my eyeliners were so heavy. Cosplaying is quite interesting.😝

At the Leofoo Village, the crowds of people cosplayed into various 🧞‍♂️movie characters, 🧝🏻‍♀️Japanese anime characters, ‍🦸‍♂️Marvel hero series, 🧟‍♀️Zombie family, even dressed as Heineken, Coffin Man, etc. Such incredible costumes cosplaying makes the “festival” even more exciting and interesting.🔥

Creating festivals 👉🏻 is one of the current solutions to break through the cold winter of retail industry. Through the placement of strong event content planning, people’s common topics, behaviors, recognition are created, and people’s resonance and sense of belonging are created in groups, so that shopping itself is no longer just buying the goods you need, but the joy of buying an atmosphere.

“Everyone bought it, don’t you want to buy it❓”

▶️ 5 Tips for Festival Marketing

✔️「Remarketing existing festivals」:

ex. 👩🏻‍❤️‍👨🏻 During Valentine’s Day, the restaurant announced a special set menu “10% off when you bring your girlfriend, and 20% off when you bring your wife. Both bring half price!”

ex. 🏰 For the Halloween event in Tombstone Town, Leofoo Village, you can enjoy a discount of $399 admission if cosplaying, which attracted tourists from all walks of life to dress up for the festival.

Halloween event in Tombstone Town, Leofoo Village

✔️「Respond to popular events and topics in other places」:

ex. 🦑 The popular Squid game series have prompted many game studios such as LARP/Escape Room to follow the fad and create their own version of the Squid game, launching pop-up activities, bringing guests experience and hyping topics.

Squid game

✔️「Deepen the anniversary」:

💳 Is the anniversary celebration still only offering discounts? Time to work hard.

✔️「Create themed shopping festival」:

ex. 👞 Hosting a themed party with element of “Vintage fashion”, inviting guests to wear vintage and classic style clothing to participate in the shopping festival, holding a series of vintage fashion lectures, voting for popular vintage ambassadors, etc. to create the brand’s own shopping festival.

“Vintage fashion” themed party

✔️「VIP membership limited day」:

ex. 🕺 Closing the hall on a particular day to hold a membership-only night, to provide loyal customers with different unique feelings and differentiation, firmly grasp the loyalty of old customers, and attract new customers to come to inquire.

Membership-only night show

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