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9floor” co-living space in Taipei

Located in Wenshan District, Taipei City, “9floor” is a well-known “co-living space”. It is a new residential model created by the 9floor team established in 2015 together with Puyuan Architecture Corp. “The house is rented, but life is not!” a slogan that instantly launched their brand. This living model of “shared space + rental apartment” not only adds interest and favor to the living space, but also emphasizes the setting of community interaction, which also opens up new sparks for renters to enrich their lives.

9floor” co-living space in Taipei

▶️ Firstly, let’s talk about what is a co-living rental apartment?

Sharing” refers to many shared space utilization. These shared spaces are jointly owned and shared by a group of specific people, such as kitchen space, bathroom, dining areas, playrooms, etc. are commonly used, and no boundaries are set for a specific person to use.

Renting an apartment” of course means that the apartment house is not bought, but rented.

▶️ You might be curious what’s so special about a shared rental apartment? What business opportunities do construction companies see?

✔️The rental market is booming and becomes normality.

It is a long-standing viewpoint that “where there is land, there is wealth”, owning your own house is the first huge expenditure for people to work hard to save money. However, house prices are soaring every year to the point that buying a house has exceeded the long-term rent of renting a house, or buying a house is no longer regarded as a lifelong mission by young people, so the rental market has become more and more normal.

✔️Community connections and interactions give people a sense of belonging.

Changes in family structure, from the original family (parents + children) to the modern “singleism” or “having a relationship without marriage” are more and more ideological changes; and many young people leave home early, yearning for a free and independent life. These people advocate freedom and uninhibitedness, but also yearn for the connection and companionship of the people. Therefore, in the shared apartment, they can get not only their own living room, but also more shared space for the residents to have more opportunities for communication, generating a sense of belonging.

✔️Living and enjoyment are inseparable.

The mixed way of residential and commercial planning not only forms the living circle of the community, but also makes the residence more closely fit the taste of life.

▶️ I fortunately got a chance to visit “9floor”, because I participated in the “Top Floor Party” held by them that I could have more knowledge and experience there.

“9floor” is a bit like the planning of a university dormitory. There are rooms in the aisle, and each room has basic equipment. In the public space, there are bathrooms, toilets, laundry rooms, kitchens, dining areas and so on. What’s more special is that there are many more social areas (ex. movie lounge, sofa area, Podcast recording studio), activities (the top floor will hold various parties, gifts exchange, festivals from time to time), courses (ex. yoga class , hand-made classes), etc. are additional benefits that can be added to the residents for free.

I think the attraction of “9floor” is that the residents can enjoy their own independent living place (the room types are mainly single rooms, but also have double rooms), but they can easily find their own circle when they want to socialize, which is very suitable for the modern city humans. The living style of people and expatriates is probably that they like to be alone but also like to socialize, so this makes them be able to control their lives more smartly. In addition, through the various activities planned by the 9floor team, it is like living in an exhibition residence place, full of inspiration and enthusiasm for life.

Shared cooking area at “9floor
Social area at “9floor
Podcast room at “9floor
Bathrooms at “9floor
Room at “9floor
Room at “9floor
Roof party events at “9floor

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