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The shop image of “Marais Home Furnishings x Berlin Teahouse”

A store named “Marais Home Furnishings x Berlin Teahouse” in Zhongshan Taipei is a compound store that combines home selection goods and dining teahouse.

As soon as you enter the store, you will see the sales area and the bar. The store has collected more than 100 designer brands, ranging from furniture, kitchen utensils, clocks, lamps and home accessories, camping picnic supplies, writing stationery, to jewelry accessories and other products.

The sales area of “Marais Home Furnishings x Berlin Teahouse”

Other space is the dining area, with tea, light meals and full meals. Customers lean on a large transparent floor-to-ceiling window to enjoy the feast leisurely.

The dining area of “Marais Home Furnishings x Berlin Teahouse”

💁🏻‍♀️In fact, the compound stores of retail and catering have become more and more common. Such a business model has injected an emerging revolutionary trend into the retail industry. Its advantages are listed as follows:

▶️The retail channel takes “people flow” as the main appeal, and the compound concept allows more customers to come to consume with “purpose” and expand the customer’s “demand” for the store’s product content.

▶️Increase the revenue per ping of the store, whether it is to directly increase revenue or promote the flow of people.

▶️Catering is the brand experience that is most accessible to consumers. Through the catering and dining process, store owners can accurately and intuitively observe consumers’ reactions, and catering is also an entry-level rule for creating interactions and contacting brands.

▶️The fourth wave of coffee revolution makes coffee not only focus on high-quality products, but also add stories and life. The compound coffee shop allows the guests to stay longer, and the sensitivity to the products is deepened, which increases the willingness to shop.

Four Waves of Coffee Revolution: 1. Instant coffee → 2. Globalization of chain coffee → 3. Specialization of coffee → 4. Compound coffee shop)

▶️Combined with the unmanned store, the future marketing model will be more diverse.

🙋‍♂️Which compound store do you like?

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