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Eye Super Convenience Store at Huashan Creative Park

When I was walking around at Huashan Creative Park, I was inadvertently attracted to the shop image as soon as I saw the sign outside, and then I followed the direction to the Eye Candle brand “Eye Super Convenience Store”. The store design style is based on American traditional supermarkets. The concept of collaborating with industrial style, it’s hard to go in without curiosity.👀

Eye Candle Studio
Eye Super Convenience Store

When I entered the store, the clerk kindly gave me a small volcanic rock🪨, and said that this is their fragrance diffuser. Drop the selected essential oil on the volcanic rock, and the essential oil will diffuse into the holes of the rock slowly and be used as fragrance diffuser.

volcanic rock, as fragrance diffuser

Smell is a kind of olfactory experience. It is intangible, but omnipresent. It’s also because it’s intangible so that people can express scent in different ways.”, Eye Candle’s brand story says.

As early as the end of 2019, Eye Candle opened a pop-up store “The Image of Smell” in Huashan Creative Park. At the end of 2020, they went to Huashan again with the theme of “Fragrance Club.” This year, the third series of “Eye Super Convenience Store” uses different shapes to expand the boundaries of life fragrance products and concepts. Commodities include flower-scented candle series, ore diffuser, IP co-branded candles, animal-shaped scent candles, and so on.

“People can express scent in different ways.”, says Eye Candle.

▶️ There are so many brands of scented candles🕯️, how to capture the hearts of customers?

✔️ Just smell it if you can’t remember it. 👃Smell is closely related to emotion and memory:

Compared with sight and hearing, many people ignore the influence of “olfaction”, but in fact, the memory of olfactory connection is not inferior to the visual impression. Eye Candle not only emphasizes the importance of smell, but also explores the multiple possibilities of matching scents and candle shapes.

✔️ The warmth of service:

Things with quality need to be reflected by human temperature. After careful explanation by the Eye Candle clerks, they treat their own products as stories. Anything that touches people’s hearts is a good story, and it is also the essential key to sales.

✔️ View the pop-up store as a brand image exhibition:

The reason why pop-up stores are becoming more and more popular in the retail industry is not only because brands can reduce the risk of leasing long-term stores, testing wether the location is feasible; but also the core concept of pop-up stores based on “hosting exhibitions”.

Most of the brands that hold pop-up stores have opened their own long-term stores. The stores may not be opened in crowded downtown areas, but the strategy of pop-up stores is mostly based on brand exposure and hope to explore new locations, looking for new customers.

Eye Candle has opened a pop-up store in Huashan Creative Park for the past 3 years, and each time it has been carefully planned with a different theme to continue to deepen the brand’s impression, maintain its progress, and expand the understanding of new customers.

✔️ Set up workshops to allow guests to DIY their own scented candles with unique fragrance:

Perfuming is a profession, and favor of scent is different from people. By experiencing and interacting in person, it can satisfy customers’ desire to create their own style.

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