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“Le Petit Chef” of Skullmapping

Recently, I’ve met many immersive projection mapping manufacturers. With the outbreak of the topic of “Metaverse 🌍”, the projection technology of new media art is greatly favored. The construction and decentralization of the virtual world is imperative.🔥

What are the applications and future trends of immersive projection mapping?

▶️ The future application & trend of immersive projection mapping

✔️Combine the catering industry to create projection dining taverns and projection cafes

In fact, as early as 2019, Taste Lab of Regent Taipei Hotel had collaborated with the startup company Skullmapping to release the dining project “👨🏻‍🍳Le Petit Chef”, which combined with 3D projection technology, so that the world’s smallest chef appeared on the dinner plates. Leading the guests to lively watch short stories before the taste of tongue. During the meal, in addition to the exquisite dishes 🥘, what surprised consumers is the creative and surprising animation design vividly performed in front of them.

At present, the combination of immersive projection mapping in the catering industry is still very scarce, and the pop-up launch every year will cause a sensation. The difficulty is not the projection technology itself, but the content design of the animation.

The culture of watching a show while dining is very common in Western countries, but in Taiwan is still rare. This is a new experience worth looking forward to! ✨

✔️ Combined with naked-eye 3D animation design:

Ex. The party room is designed with a virtual singer 👩‍🎤 singing alongside

Ex. Multiple virtual stars appeared in the concert💃 projection scene

✔️The interactive elements of projection mapping are no longer just touching the pictures of screen to disperse or change their appearance, but can design a storyline that allows people to be integrated into the projection screen and become a role in the story

Ex. The projection image is designed to create a maze game, and the screen changes the scene by sensing the touch or temperature of the human body.

Ex. The movie scene allows consumers to go deep into it, watching and acting while having two roles at the same time.

✔️In addition to focusing on the technology, immersive projection mapping also adds content planning for leisure, entertainment, and business presentations:

Even if there is good space, good equipment technology, and good animation design, if there is no theme content planning, immersive projection mapping is only reduced to a “one-time entertainment photo checkpoint”, and no emotional flow can be left after the shooting.

Therefore, the injection of event content is necessary, such as the integration of “jazz night show🎵”, “business speech forum👨🏻‍💼”, “sports league🏃‍♀️”, “fashion show👗” in the space of the projection atmosphere.

✔️Replace part of the interior decoration

The structure of the building requires physical building materials to build the building, but after the structure is completed, the details of the decoration do not necessarily rely on hardware equipment, exquisite furnishings, famous paintings, bamboo and rattan, carpets, etc. to decorate the space, but use projection technology to design an atmosphere that can continuously change styles.

In addition, the shortage of raw materials and the rising awareness of environmental protection have also promoted the popularity of projection mapping technique.🔥

✔️Metaverse generates:

The construction of virtual shopping malls and virtual worlds has accelerated.

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