【Hotel Exhibition Expo】Let the art experience break through the integration of virtual and real field

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“OneOffs NFT International Art Fair” held at W Hotel in Taipei

The epidemic has been raging for 2 years. In order to avoid the risk of shutting down due to the low living rate, many hotels are carrying out renovations and upgrades, and some rooms are converted into epidemic-proof hotels. In addition, the new business model of “hotel + exhibition” is gradually emerging.

Why does the hotel industry start to work together for exhibitions?👇🏼👇🏽

▶️ For exhibitors

✔️The hotel itself has many guests with high potential of consuming, and it is easy to become a source of visitors to the exhibition.

✔️The space of the hotel allows exhibitors to save the “cost of erection and production of cubicle arrangements”, “the cost of renting prop cabinets”.

▶️ For guests

✔️Art experience should not be limited to a single field!

When guests book and check in, many people look forward to what the room will look like. Good room layout, fine furnishings, and tasteful home accessories are like a small journey of artistic experience.

Just like a hotel working with an exhibition, each room is planned by different exhibitors, allowing the artistic experience to break through the space frame.

✔️As soon as they hear the word “exhibition”, in addition to thinking of various new ideas and the latest market information, guests are also likely to have a “watching mentality that they cannot afford to consume”, not to mention that when the content of the exhibition is an art work instead of necessities.

Therefore, presenting the display items in the hotel room can better integrate into the atmosphere of people’s living, so that the guests can understand the original feeling of these exhibits at home!

✔️Increase the additional benefits for hotel guests, guests can enjoy discounted exhibition fares, combined with local elements.

▶️ For hotels

✔️When the hotel holds an exhibition, visitors who come to the exhibition can experience the room type unconsciously, and achieve the marketing and advertising effect for the hotel.

✔️In addition to the venue rent collected by the hotel from the exhibitor, there is also a share of the revenue from exhibition tickets, so hotel revenue can increase.

In line with the Metaverse and NFT boom, the “OneOffs NFT International Art Fair” held at the W Hotel in Taipei on 2021/12/24–2021/12/26 was chosen to display works from more than 20 countries, 100 artists and galleries.

The exhibition utilized the two-story rooms of 15F-16F of the W Hotel, and planned the space into various exhibition rooms, and each room displayed the works of several artists under the name of a gallery or the works of independent artists.

Additionally, immersive performances in the aisles of 15F and 16F were held at certain times. You could watch exhibitions and shows at the same time, making NFT technology art, performance art, modern art, and trend art a combination of virtual and real.

“OneOffs NFT International Art Fair” held at W Hotel in Taipei

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