【Shopping Mall at Old District of Shanghai: Bailian TX Huaihai】How can it become the young power center of the gen-Z in a short period of time

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The shopping mall “Bailian TX Huaihai” in Shanghai

The shopping mall “Bailian TX Huaihai” located on Huaihai Road in Shanghai has only opened for about 1.5 year, and the mall is not large (the total floor area is only about 6,050 ping), but it has become a favorite shopping mall for young people and is also a new landmark on Huaihai Road, attracting many new brands to set up shops there. The representation of “Young Power Center” can’t be overemphasized!

Why is Bailian TX Huaihai so attractive to young people? What its advantages are do brand manufacturers value? How does it survive and achieve sustainability in the competitive red sea market of shopping malls?

The followings will be found out immediately👇🏼

▶️Why does the generation Z love to visit Bailian TX Huaihai?

✔️Target customer positioning is clear: Young people

✔️The application of “exhibitions+shopping mall”: various exhibitions and cross-border activities are frequently held in public spaces, including pop-up activities, IP activities, art exhibitions, brand activities, parties, game experience, etc.

The pop-up activity at Bailian TX Huaihai

✔️Let consumers feel, “the people who come to shop here are very trendy and fashion!” Young people prefer things that can “express their individualities”.

Public space at Bailian TX Huaihai

✔️Under the influence of community economy, many check-in spots here are full of novelty and surprises. After consumers post photos or videos through the social media, a bunch of friends will ask where they are, creating subtle self-confidence.

Exhibition at Bailian TX Huaihai

✔️The promotion of domestic fashion brands: Compared with the popular brands that are globally available, young people pay more attention to “original brands” and “designer brands”.

▶️Why do brands choose Bailian TX Huaihai to set up stores?

✔️Young force’s high popularity and precise positioning have prompted brands to present “first-release products”, “limited products”, “co-branded products” and “POP-UP store” here.

✔️The “phenomenal check-in points” enables the live broadcasters and internet celebrities with high popularity online to start live broadcasts here, becoming their gorgeous stage, allowing the private popularity and flow of the online community to be brought to the offline shops, and boosting the offline economy.

Check-in point at Bailian TX Huaihai

▶️Is Bailian TX Huaihai’s economic power just short-lived or can it make a spillover effect?

✔️One after one brand events unremittingly has enriched the theme space of the public area, and made a subversive breakthrough in the retail stores. The long-term main stores are planned with 5 major topics: “Trendy & cool fashion brand experience stores”, “Art exhibitions combining fashion”, “Domestic designer brands”, “Vintage shops”, “Food & Beverages”.

Topic 1: Trendy & cool fashion brand experience stores
Topic 2: Art exhibitions combining fashion
Topic 3: Domestic designer brands
Topic 4: Vintage shops
Topic 5: Food & Beverages

✔️Before Bailian TX Huaihai opened, Huaihai Middle Road was a gathering place for old and historical stores and was rarely visited by young people. However, since Bailian TX Huaihai opened, it has become a famous place for young generation. In addition, the spillover effect makes more and more trendy stores have opened in the surrounding area outside the shopping mall. Bailian TX Huaihai not only creates its own success, but also benefits the growth of the surrounding area and flips the development of the regional business district.

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