【What Z-generation Wants】Brands that know them well can win the chance for the next 10 years

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The 1990s and 2000s Z-generation is becoming the main consumers in the next 10 years. This generation of young people has a very high pursuit of “space, content, service, and quality”.

Consumption led by “hobby’’ promotes the upgrading and remodeling of shopping malls. “Valuing beautiful stuffs, immersive experience, and social networking’’ affect them deeply & significantly, and the subversion and transformation of the “young power’’ of the commercial market takes place within rapid development.

Whoever can win young people’ hearts will win the chance for the next 10 years!” Each brand is racking their brains to think about how to please this group of young consumers.

So, what does Z-generation want? The following 3 major scopes will be discovered right away!

Social Power

▶️ Thematic social interaction

Young people of Z-generation have distinct personality differences. Because of their rich life experience and diverse information, “stratification’’ has gradually formed, and they actively seek a sense of identity and belonging. Shopping malls and brands have created impressive social scenes to meet their expectations.

ex: Live Action Role Play Games (=LARP), Escape Room Games, Board Games

▶️ Catering social interaction

With the rise of the “she” economy, the beer table culture of keep drinking fiercely and fully began to change. Instead, youngsters promote the “Bit Drunk Economy”, which means just to drink suitably and feel the atmosphere. Consequently, bars with “alcohol, meat, and stories” occur.

ex: Musical Sky Bar, Cultural Tavern, Bartending Festival

Consumption for Pleasing Yourself

▶️ Animation economy

Z-generation is willing to pay for the unique experience, the style that suits them, and the instant happiness brought by objects. Young people focus on their own preferences, buy for their hobbies, and “please yourself and be happy is enough” has become a new life attitude for them. Playing different roles of animation has been a way to escape the distress of reality.

ex: Co-branding with animation, Blind Box Toy, Trendy Toy

▶️ E-sports economy

With the development of the single economy and the hot search in the game market during covid-19, the pace of the virtual consumer market has been accelerated. E-sports combine with the offline market, which step into the commercial blue ocean to gather popularity.

ex: E-sports Hotel, E-sports League, E-sports Cafe

Cultural Confidence

▶️ The rising support of domestic brands

With rising awareness of national identity, many young people have started a wave of supporting domestic brands.

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